Karen Sitting Crow

Meet "ACE"

By: "ACE"  as dictated to my owner
Karen Sitting Crow

My name is ACE and I am an AQHA Registered Quarter Horse Gelding. I am seven years old and I, along with my equine friends, TIAGO and COOPER are enrolled in the most wonderful horsemanship program, here at the Reis Ranch in Penngrove, California. I traveled here with my owners  Karen & Murphy Sitting Crow from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, Home of the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation, located in North Dakota.

My registered name is King Te Sooner, Sire: Kingtut and Dam: Lady Te Sooner. My current owner was looking for a black horse when they found me living at the Twombly Performance Horse Ranch in Nebraska. I have previous experience as a heading horse and competed in team roping events, Very successfully, if I say so myself. : )

I have been learning a great deal in the Reis Ranch All-round Signature Program. I get to work personally with Dennis and every day I am becoming a  more gentle, soft,  "balanced" horse. Some of my first lessons with Karen were ground school and round pen work. My owner began riding from the ground and now we are working together on applying what we learned in ground school and round pen to mounted riding. The Reis Ranch Signature Horsemanship Program is based on age old principles of horsemanship and classical training. It is "fun" to learn all these skills not like work at all, which I like.

Our horsemanship educator, Dennis Reis speaks our language and he teaches his students to communicate with the horses. It is really cool!!!!

Dennis and Deborah Reis are the founders of the Reis Ranch Signature Horsemanship Program and also initiated the National Day of the Horse, a national holiday. This is a huge accomplishment that sets aside a day to honor all breeds of horses across the United States and that includes Me!

This year the National Day of the Horse celebration will be held at the Reis Ranch in Penngrove, California on August 29, 2015 and I wish to extend an invitation to join us for a day of activities that honor horses and their equine partners. You will meet the many wonderful horses enrolled in the various levels of programs offered at the Reis Ranch as well enjoy am educational experience in horsemanship.

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