An All Around Ranch horse is one that can open and close a gate, bring the cattle in and go down the trail safely with confidence.....AND move with the grace and balance of the classically developed horse! The
Dennis Reis Signature All Around Ranch Horse program is non-breed & non-dicipline specific. Western or English our goal is for you to trust and communicate with your equine partner excelling in any dicipline you choose.

This program is designed for both horse and rider. We specialize in developing horses to become safe, balanced and versatile, the ultimate in natural horsemanship ranch horse cross training!

Programs start at a 30 Day commitment

We have openings for Colt Starting and Problem Horses

Do you have a young horse that you want to get started?

Do you have a horse that has some problems that you need help with?

You can give your horse and yourself a fresh start by enrolling your horse in our Signature All Around Ranch Horse Program

THE TRAINER: All horses are trained by Master Horseman Dennis Reis. Horses are worked a minimum of 5 days every week

THE PROGRAM: provides the environment for colt starting, problem solving, desensitizing and the foundational training of classical horsemanship including Round Pen, Ground School, Mounted and Mounted Refined work.

You and your horse will spend time riding in a working ranch environment. Getting your horse out of the arena and onto the land gives them meaning and purpose. You and your horse will learn new skills, build confidence in a beautiful, safe and very private landscape.


  • California Bridle Horse the art of traditional horsemanship
  • Cow working - live cattle handling
  • Ranch Roping
  • Trail obstacles - 630 acres of trails
  • Trailer loading & safety
  • Problem solving & Confidence
  • Western or English Dressage
  • Horse Psychology
  • Round Pen and Ground School Skills
  • Conditioning - Horses receive expert conditioning both in an out of the arena
  • Colt Starting
  • Problem Horses - Behavioral issues

ACCOMODATIONS: Based on availability

As a guest in our home accommodations will be provided at no charge for out of town students who choose to participate in the 6 day a month program

- OR -

RV Spaces available for your Living quarters horse trailer during a 6 day stay. Includes water & 30amp electric

THREE OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM for your education:

Your horse will be worked a minimum of 20 days each month. The days you are not participating Dennis will continue working and developing your horse! We want you to come and ride hands -on with Dennis. All clinic/lesson days are scheduled in advanced and we will work with you to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and needs.

1. GROUP LESSONS: Participate in up to 12 Lessons a month.

2. PRIVATE LESSONS: Take 8 private lessons a month. We provide a Personalized Private Training Schedule for the horse owner to study with Dennis..

This is a great option for those of you that want to put your horse in training with Dennis but are not local or live out of state!

Participate in 6 consecutive days for each month your horse is enrolled in the Signature Horse program. Accommodations provided at no charge for out of town students.

Prices are all inclusive! Includes Dennis working with your horse a minimum of 5 days a week, all of your private and group lessons and your horses board.

COST: $1950.00 per month all inclusive

CALL DENNIS TODAY for a personal consultation to discuss your dreams and goals for you and your horse.

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